Avon Mattress TwinXL


12 inch Avon Mattress TwinXL 38″ x 80″


Price: $825 w/coupon

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Our 12” Authentic mattress is made of 3″ of Nature’s Sleep high density visco memory foam that molds to your own shape to produce a stress free elegance experience. It boasts our 9” superior density support core which is highly durable, versatile as well as supportive for both of the top memory foam layer and your body. Customarily conforms to your body and effectively eliminates tension points to help reduce discomfort for a significantly better night’s sleep. Your body responds with a distinctive and exceptional relaxing surface finish. The 80/20 cotton fit velour cover is washable, antimicrobial and zips off for hassle-free care.Sometimes simplicity is just perfect. This is definitely an oldie nevertheless a goody.

Made of 3” of Nature’s Sleep exclusive Visco memory foam with 9” superior strength support core. Mattress cover is cotton fitted for easy washing. Certified CertiPUR-US® approved.

“Guaranteed designs from USA and manufactured only from genuine materials of Nature’s Sleep China. Orders can immediately be shipped within 1-2 business days. We offer 20 Year Limited Warranty.

Note that all product size listed is estimates and mattress cover varies with different designs.”

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