St Lucia Mattress TwinXL


12 inch St. Lucia Mattress TwinXL 38″ x 80″


Price: $875 w/coupon

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“Natural and Excellent mattress consists of 3” State-of-the-art visco technology memory foam.
The simply yet amazing products in our series II memory foam mattresses still have the features of contouring your body shape as you lay down comfortably. It effectively eliminates tension points and helps reduce discomfort for a significantly better night’s sleep. A superior yet cost effective foam mattress as if twice the price. Simply because our product is focused on progressive support and comfort. Sleep with safety and the softness on an 80/20 cotton cloth fit velour, embedded not to mention antimicrobial cover with a zipper for hassle-free cleaning.”

Made up of 3” Superior Visco Technology Memory Foam with 7” exceptional density support core as well as 2” surface of stress relieving foam. Mattress cover is cotton fitted for easy washing. Certified CertiPUR-US® approved.

“Guaranteed designs from USA and manufactured only from genuine materials of Nature’s Sleep China. Orders can immediately be shipped within 1-2 business days. We offer 20 Year Limited Warranty.

Note that all product size listed is estimates and mattress cover varies with different designs.”

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