Saphire Gel Memory Foam Mattress 38 x 80


12 inch Sapphire Mattress Gel Memory Foam TwinXL 38″ x 80″


Price: $1,100 w/coupon

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Our authentic Gel spheres are specially designed to capture the excessive amount of heat your body releases while you sleep and whisk it away to help keep you cool and comfy. Moreover it consistently distributes weight to alleviate stress points and eliminate pains for a healthier night’s sleep, preferably for individuals who have problems with sleeping disorder. In contrast to others, our memory foam contours to your body to ensure that you get ideal support and spinal alignment which help relief stress point.

Comprises of 3.5” Advanced Gel Technology (AGT) Premium memory foam together with a 7.5” high density foam core with Interior covering scrim. Mattress is a 380gm cotton/poly embroidered covered with anti-microbial with a non-skid end as well as a zipper for hassle-free removing.

“Guaranteed designs from USA and manufactured only from genuine materials of Nature’s Sleep China. Orders can immediately be shipped within 1-2 business days. We offer 20 Year Limited Warranty.

Note that all product size listed is estimates and mattress cover varies with different designs.”

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